Hide and Seek – 100 word fiction

Louie had a drink waiting for me.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

He nodded. “New hat?”

I removed it and laid it on the bar. “Twelve bucks.”

Louie whistled. “Must be nice.”

“Big money in detective work. Nothing but fur coats and limousines.”

The grin died on his face. “Fat Rico was in asking about you.”

“What did you say?”

“Told him I didn’t know nothing but it looks like he figured it out on his own.”

Fat Rico stood in the doorway.

“Do me another favor, Louie,” I said, nodding at the hat. “Put that somewhere safe, will you?”


A Father’s Day Miracle – 100 Word Story

It was the fire that taught Jeff about miracles. After all, he shouldn’t have been there – Jeff never visited on Wednesdays. “Maybe I’ll see what the old man’s doing,” he’d said and when he pulled into the drive, the house was engulfed.

Reflecting, Jeff doesn’t know if his father would have escaped – so frail was he when Jeff found him, barely visible through the smoke. Jeff’s eyes shimmer. He smiles, grateful. He sees again his hands gripping the skinny ankles, hears anew the screams as he drags his father back into the flames. “Better safe than sorry,” Jeff whispers aloud.

Friday Fictioneers – Grandma and Teddy – Short Short Story


The stuffed bear was dearer to the boy than a pet, perhaps dearer than a cousin or sibling. Always, he brought it along to Grandma’s farm.

When he snagged it on a barn nail, cotton stuffing erupted. He stared horrified then sprinted to the house, every second critical.

“Earl is hurt!” he shrieked. “He’s dying!”

Grandma appeared quickly. She pried the bear gently from his fist and carried it to her sewing machine. Within moments it was saved, scarred but alive.

“Thanks Lady,” said the bear jumping down and walking off with the boy.

Grandma drank more cold medicine.


Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge issued by Rochelle. 100 words about this photo.  Photo courtesy: Sandra Crook.


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Breakfast Time – Short Short Story

“I’m going out to get food for the baby,” she said. “Do you want anything?”

It was clear she wanted him to go and if he didn’t, her feathers would be ruffled.

Too bad, it was her turn.

“I’m good,” he said, whistling a little tune.

She gave him a beady-eyed stare. “Don’t strain yourself.”

Minutes later, she was back. “Nice to see you still perched here doing nothing.”

“Back already?  What did you do, fly?”

She shot him a look. He could be such a pecker.

She gazed lovingly into her baby’s face.

And barfed in its open beak.




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The Party’s Over – Short Short Story

Ironically, the last time I saw Emma was our Independence Day party. 

She was missing when the fireworks started and I found her upstairs, packing.

“Whats up?” I asked.

“I’m leaving until you figure yourself out,” she said. “You’re drunk all the time.”

Rockets boomed and crackled outsidethe sky shimmering bright through the blinds.

“We’re missing the fireworks,” I said.

She searched my eyes, tears sliding down her cheeks.

“Yes. I am,” she said grabbing her suitcase and crossing the room.

“Wait…Emma?” I said.

She turned around.

“I saw you lift my wallet off the dresser.”

She bolted.


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Water Wars – Friday Fictioneers

In tight formation, they flew undetected through the city skies, an invincible death squadron. Alien planets were never prepared for an attack from such a diminutive foe and Earth was no exception.

They had come for the water. Here, there was enough to sustain their species for a billion generations. But first the Pulse Ray to eliminate the humans. The water wouldn’t last with these guzzlers alive.

The rain was an unexpected horror, they had never seen it before. The ships were driven to the ground as droplets pummeled them without mercy.

What they coveted most had become their demise.



Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge issued by Rochelle. Photo courtesy: Vijaya Sundaram.



The Red Pyramid – Friday Fictioneers

Just a bit further now but the humans were close behind. He pushed himself, limping clumsily across the wooden bridge. He was faster in water than on land and, if he could just reach the lake, he would lose them.

He watched in horror as the roof of the red pyramid in the distance began to unfold.

“Wait!” he cried. “No, wait!”

His legs burned as he tried to run faster but it was too late.

The ship hovered momentarily over the pyramid then whooshed away.

Just like that, it was gone.

And he was abandoned on this planet alone.


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