About the Author

Fred Rock – Rocker of rock

Fred Rock lives in a small village in northwestern Wisconsin with his wife and kids as well as his dog and cat. By day,  he trudges about reading electric meters. By night, he writes kickass fictional short stories as well as occasional poems and meandering observations like a real rocking rocker who knows how to rock!

Can you stand it?



13 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Go to your ‘About’ page (or to any post), and right under the ‘search’ you’ll find: “This is a text widget, which..” (better do something about it—or get rid of it altogether, for that matter)

    But that aside, I think here the writing rocks!


  2. Shan’t!
    You live in Englandshire in the Middle Ages (c. 1950)?
    Even in Scotland we don’t use that, and I am pretty sure folk don’t in the Great Mid-West.
    But fun blog, please forgive the ribbing.

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  3. Sadly, Fred, they’re putting in smart meters over here where I live. Putting god writers out of bread and onto the word line.

    Hope you have a good supply of the old meters over there to keep you in good pens.



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