About the Author

Fred Rock – Rocker of rock

Fred Rock lives in a small town in Wisconsin with his wife and two kids. Specializing in pulp, hard-boiled, and noir, his stories have been featured in Disclaimer, Scaffolding, Speculative 66, Trembling With Fear, 101 Words, and others. Fred Rock is currently writing his first novel: Danger in Rush City.



13 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Go to your ‘About’ page (or to any post), and right under the ‘search’ you’ll find: “This is a text widget, which..” (better do something about it—or get rid of it altogether, for that matter)

    But that aside, I think here the writing rocks!


  2. Shan’t!
    You live in Englandshire in the Middle Ages (c. 1950)?
    Even in Scotland we don’t use that, and I am pretty sure folk don’t in the Great Mid-West.
    But fun blog, please forgive the ribbing.

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  3. Sadly, Fred, they’re putting in smart meters over here where I live. Putting god writers out of bread and onto the word line.

    Hope you have a good supply of the old meters over there to keep you in good pens.



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