Guiding Light – 200 Word Flash Fiction

flash fiction

Dark clouds rolled in fast and her heart skipped. It was bad enough flying solo, a thunderstorm would make it worse. At first, there came a few fat drops of rain. Then the skies opened and it poured down in heavy sheets. She banked left, hoping to skirt the storm, but the wind took her and she tumbled. Frantically, she searched for the horizon. The rain was blinding, the wind too strong. She plummeted out of control.

Which way is up?

She spied a bright light, warm and yellow, and she locked on it. The wind jostled her as she pulled out of the spin and flew hard toward the beacon.

If I get there, I’m safe.

Moments later, as quickly as it had begun, the storm stopped and she exhaled. She circled the light once, twice, and it drew in, close and big. There came an acrid, burning smell, an electrical jolt, and blackness.

From somewhere below, a voice said, “Whoo! That was a loud one.”

Footsteps came close and another, more disgusted, voice said, “For some reason, June Bugs seem to love my garage.”

The first voice said, “Mine too. Where can I get a zapper like that?”


This 200 word challenge is response to Sammi’s prompt: “Light”

Author: Fred Rock

Writer of fiction and fiction-based accessories.

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