Early Riser – Flash Fiction

short story

She woke at 4 am and was not surprised to find his side of the bed cool. He had always been an insomniac. Wrapping up in a robe, she padded downstairs to find him reading the newspaper at the kitchen table.

“I wish you would come to bed,” she said.

“You know I can’t sleep.”

She sighed and made pot of coffee. “Well, I’m glad you’re home anyway.”

He nodded and gestured at the paper. “I see Henry Johnson got picked up for driving drunk again. The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

She poured herself a cup. “How many people does that fool have to kill before they lock him up and throw away the key?”

They sat in silence for a while. She said, “Jack, will you wait for me?”

He looked at her quizzically. “I’m here aren’t I?”

“Yes, but it’s taking longer than we thought.”

“There’s no hurry, I’ve got nowhere to be.”

She began to cry. “It’s not fair,” she said. “None of it.”

“No. It isn’t.”

“Henry Johnson is probably sleeping like a baby right now.”

He smiled. “Maybe I’ll sneak over there and rile his dogs up. That’ll fix him.”

“They’re saying I’m in remission, Jack. They’re saying it could be years.”

“I told you I’ll wait.”

She brushed away the tears and nodded. “It will be light soon, I suppose you have to go.”

Standing, he said, “I’ll go have a word with Henry’s dogs.”

“Will you come back tonight?”

“We’ll see,” he said. “You know it’s not up to me.”

She nodded.

“Make today count,” he said. “You know I love you.”

“I love you too, Jack. More than anything.”

He stepped through the wall and out into the darkness.


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Author: FredRock

Pulp fiction. Noir. Hardboiled.

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