The Forest Fire – Short Short Story

fred rock writer

He stared in disbelief as fire consumed the world. On every side it raged, roaring through century-old trees like a blowtorch through dry straw. He watched detached, as animals scampered to and fro in terror and he realized in an offhand way that he was completely surrounded now, the heat an impenetrable wall. Still he remained frozen, bearing witness to the horror as acres of forest were incinerated.

Then, a massive branch fell flaming from the sky landing just feet away with a heavy crash and it was this near-miss that jolted him to his senses.

“Later, Dudes,” he said, scales glinting in the firelight. He swished his tail and and dove deep into the cold depths of the lake. “Sucks to be you.”


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Author: FredRock

Pulp fiction. Noir. Hardboiled.

9 thoughts on “The Forest Fire – Short Short Story”

  1. Yeah, I pictured a firefighter in full gear. When he swished his tail, my mental picture saw a guy in a furry suit in firefighter gear…oh brain. >_<

    Great twist!

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