Magnificent Discovery – Short Short Story

fredrock story

The boys sat mesmerized by the brilliance of the crystal between them. It shimmered pink and majestic like nothing they had ever seen.

“Maybe it came from space,” whispered one, staring in reverence.

“It could be a transporter from another galaxy,” said the other. “Used to teleport the people of Atlantis to their home planet.”

Carefully, they laid their hands on it.

“It generates its own heat!” said one.

“I can feel vibration,” said the other. “It’s some sort of pulsating power source.”

“Jason, what are you doing in my room?” asked a voice from the doorway. An older girl stormed in, snatching the crystal.

“Hey!” said one of the boys. The other stared in awe as she tore away its plastic lid and grabbed a hair tie from within.

“Seriously,” she said, returning it to her dresser. “You guys are dorks.”


FFfAW challenge. Thank you, Jade Wong for the photo prompt.

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Author: FredRock

Pulp fiction. Noir. Hardboiled.

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