The Payback – Short Story

meter reader fiction

Yesterday I was hanging out with Cody at the DQ because it was hot out and there was nothing to do and he was acting so stupid. First, he made up this long story about running from Clint (Clint is the cop in town) and I didn’t say anything. Then later he goes, “Dude, Melanie was totally checking me out in math-”

And I totally cut him off.

I always give him this look like he needs to shut up when he starts to brag. Pretty much everybody gives him that same look when he brags. It’s probably the only look he ever sees.

He gets all determined to convince you. He goes, “I’m ser-i-ous,” and talks really fast like he’s going to talk you into believing him. I don’t know why he tries it, it never works. Nobody listens to Cody. Seriously, he lies all the time.

Then he was saying he beat up some kid from Webster and I’m like, “Whatever, Dude,” and he starts talking a million miles an hour so I just sat there and played with an app. He was pointing to his knuckles showing me this tiny knick on one of them that could have been caused by anything.

Just stupid.

Then Nick comes in and Cody’s yelling across the restaurant at him. He’s like, “Nick, tell Jacob. Tell him I got in a fight at Webster!”

And Nick’s like, “Oh, Duuude!” to me so I knew he was full of it too.

I go, “shut-up,” and Nick starts smiling like he’s lying but Cody goes wild because he has this new evidence. And I can totally tell it’s bunk because Nick keeps looking at me trying not to laugh but Cody keeps talking super fast.

I just talked over him. I’m like, “Nick, did Cody get in a fight with some kid from Webster?”

And Nick goes, “Yeah.”

And I thought it was funny cause Nick was still messing with me so I started laughing and I was trying to be serious and I’m like, “Dude, I’m serious.”

And he was laughing too and he goes, “Cody totally got in a fight with some Webster kid. I swear to you.” But he was still kinda laughing.

So I go, “With who?”

And he goes, “What?”

And I’m like, “Who? Who did Cody get in the fight with?”

Then Nick looked right away at Cody and I could see Cody’s look, that he didn’t want Nick to tell.

So I’m like, “Who? Who, Nick? Who did he get in a fight with? Who did Cody get in a fight with if he got in a fight in Webster? Tell me who he got in a fight with.”

And Cody was yelling to Nick too. He’s like, “Dude! No! No! I mean it! Dude you better not! Nick, do not tell him!”

So we both got really loud at Nick and finally he’s like, “Becky Langford!”

I’m like, “WHAT!!!!!!!!”

And Nick’s like, “OH!!!!!!!”

And I go, “OH!!!!!!!!”

And we started jumping around punching Cody and laughing at him and Cody was all bummed out. He was whining at Nick like, “I can’t believe you told! You suck so much!” and garbage like that. It was so hilarious. I guess I laughed too hard.

So then then today Cody comes to school and and tells everyone I peed a little in my pants at Dairy Queen.







Author: FredRock

Pulp fiction. Noir. Hardboiled.

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