Slight Change of Plan – Short Short Story

Fred Rock meter reader fiction

You know that noise that comes when you drag a stick along a chain link fence? Bullets on helicopter rotors sound just like that: Plink. Plink-Plink. Funny where your mind goes under duress.

We were going down. It was there in the pilot’s eyes, nobody home but sheer panic.

These damn terrorists were screwing everything up but it couldn’t be helped. They would need to be dealt with, now they were affecting The Project.

I summoned my powers and landed us safely, the pilot’s memory would have to be wiped clean.

There would be hell to pay for this one.


This story is a response to the FFFAW photo prompt pictured above. 100 word  story challenge.

Photo credit: Iain Kelly. (I always include these in my photo captions/descriptions but they never show up. Anyone with insight on this, please tell me how I’m screwing this up.)

Now try this: Detective Frank Danger: Evasion

Author: FredRock

Pulp fiction. Noir. Hardboiled.

7 thoughts on “Slight Change of Plan – Short Short Story”

  1. Wow! A superhero! I wonder how he is going to deal with the terrorists and that is chilling that the pilot’s memory will have to be wiped cleaned. Great story! Sorry, I don’t know anything about putting captions on the photos. I hope someone will be able to help you with that. You could always ask WordPress Help.

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  2. An interesting read and a surprise ending too 🙂 I am no expert but this is how I put captions on pics – in your wordpress editor page click on the pic, an edit tool box will appear. Click on the comment box and the caption box will appear below the picture. Hope that helps.

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