Again with the rules

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I’m complicating it, not that there was ever any doubt that I would. I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m fair at lots of things, good at a couple things, but not great at anything and I realize now that’s not entirely true: I’m a genius at complicating things.
They say Analysis Leads to Paralysis and He Who Hesitates is Lost. If those things are true, I’ve never stood a chance. I’m not one of those cocksure types who throws himself headlong into anything. I check it out beforehand to a fault. I stay mired in research and fact-finding and keep sticking my toes in the water for as long as it takes to keep me from actually doing anything. It prevents me from failing at things. (It prevents me from succeeding too but let’s not complicate this.)

Of course, they also say Fools Rush In and Haste Makes Waste so, really, who are “they” and what do they know? They can’t even keep their adages from conflicting.

Writers write. That’s another thing they say and, if you want to be good, or at least show signs of improvement, you need to write every day. Your followers will want to see something from you regularly if you want to keep them.

They also say, “Quality over Quantity.” Churning out scads of trash is a surefire way to get yourself un-followed by even your most devout followers.

No pressure. Just write good stuff every single day.

(Fortunately for me, I don’t have any followers so there really is no pressure.)

But First World Problems and all that. I’m not living in a cardboard box or drinking contaminated water or trapped in an elevator with Gwyneth Paltrow. Things could be much worse.

Let’s take a look at some of these blogging tips:

Decide what your blog will be about.


Will you be talking about travel or food or parenting or providing financial tips to entrepreneurs? It’s important to have an identity and to develop a niche.

I’m not really doing any of that, Blog Tips Rules Person. I’m probably just going to ramble on about whatever pops into my head that day.

Follow other bloggers who write about similar things.


Go on other bloggers’ sites and leave comments. Hopefully, they will visit your site and return the favor.

This is actually sound advice. How do I find these bloggers?

Oh! Here are some recommended blogs to peruse. Looks like this guy has 35,986 followers and what’s this? He has 1856 comments at the bottom of this particular post.

I wonder if he’ll notice mine.

Use category tags. For example, if you’re writing a blog on the merits of red wine over white with Italian cuisine, you might use tags such as “red wine”, “white wine”, or “wine with Italian cuisine”.

I did that in another post. I tagged it “meterz.” Anybody looking for “meterz” is sure to find me.

Last but not least, you can anonymously leave yourself positive feedback in the comments to kickstart some dialogue. Be sure to reply to yourself though. No one wants to be left hanging!

This is a joke, right? You want me to leave myself positive feedback? That’s your advice for getting my blog noticed?

I really should have been a neurologist.




Author: Fred Rock

Writer of fiction and fiction-based accessories.

7 thoughts on “Again with the rules”

  1. Hahaaha – first you make me cry (with Raymond) now you make me laugh 😀 I had read all those suggestions except for the last one about leaving yourself anonymous comments (and then replying to them) hilarious! Btw, you are wrong about one thing though, the pressure is mounting…

    Liked by 1 person

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