A Father’s Day Miracle – 100 Word Story

It was the fire that taught Jeff about miracles. After all, he shouldn’t have been there – Jeff never visited on Wednesdays. “Maybe I’ll see what the old man’s doing,” he’d said and when he pulled into the drive, the house was engulfed. Reflecting, Jeff doesn’t know if his father would have escaped – so […]

Mr. Chester Goes Missing – Short Short

Agnes took my hand in hers, her eyes desperate and pleading. “You’ll look for him on your meter route?” “Of course,” I assured her. I laid my free hand on hers and patted. “I promise.” “And you think you’ll find him?” she asked eagerly. I took off my cap, ran a hand through my hair, […]

The Temp – Short Story

Ben handed us bottles of beer so cold they held slush. We clanked them together, drank them together, and left our empties wobbling on the table. We grinned at each other like idiots. It was Friday. Peggy pointed at the door and we chuckled as Ross came in from outside and stood awkwardly in the […]

The Catch – 5 line story

My little sister came running up all barefoot and sweaty, pigtailed and itchy-looking. She got in my space and asked “What did you just put in that jar?” “I caught a Flyaway.” “Send it back to the Otherside!” she said, horrified. But it was already controlling my mind.   Here’s a little five line story in response to Patricia’s prompt.  

Moving Day – Short Short Story

“Just grab it and toss it out.” “You do it!” “Seriously? This is why you yelled at me to come in here?” “Please, will you?” she pleaded. “Can you kill it, Josh?” “Why can’t you?” “Because I can’t.” Her brother grinned. “Can you imagine if it had babies and they were all crawling on your face when you woke […]

Buried Treasure – Flash Fiction

He stood in a large hole, perhaps four feet deep and five or six in diameter. The digging was strenuous, the ground comprised of gravel and sand. With each thrust, the shovel stopped dead, sending a jolt through his arms, his shoulders, his back. Every few minutes, he dropped to his hands and knees to dig by hand. With his fingers, he […]

The Predator – Flash Fiction

Miles Vandelay stood at the head of the table and hoisted his wine glass with his left hand. With his right, he pinged the glass repeatedly with a spoon. His eyes glittered with booze and triumph. “Real quick,” he said. “I don’t want to hold up the party – ” “Get off the stage!” said his VP of Operations, Todd […]